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Take the True and False Quiz for your health

Something must happen before a person wants to change their eating habits or has to greatly alter them. A health scare or an actual dread and/or gloomy doctor’s visit.

We are tied to our cultural abides. We eat the way your grandmother taught your mother and we find ourselves living exactly as they did or are. You’ve dieted and tried just about everything coming down the pike and now even more choices on the World Wide Web. You will lose a few and then get tried of those rules and fall off the wagon only to search for something else or rewrite the last one you were on only this time do it your way with disappointing results. It won’t be your fault and that diet will always be at fault.

In a lifetime of living and representing Weight Watchers I tried another concept. Eating the food pyramid of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. It is freeing, delicious and allows me the luxury of eating healthy foods that are not contaminated with preservatives and or chemicals.

As for sugar I am so grateful to have given up so many processed foods where sugar was always one of the hidden ingredients.

So many people ingest high fructose corn syrup and seemingly it goes directly into their veins. Well not exactly but you get the idea! I have fixed my health with food. That is the truth. On the Mediterranean way of life there is no counting only wonderful choices and yes you, too, can fix it with food.

Across the seas people live this lifestyle with so much less illness and medicines than we see in our country with longer lives and such a small amount of dementia and the ravages of Alzheimer’s.

There are so many benefits from the right food choices with absolutely no deprivation. Is this possible or is it hype?

Join our SUCCEED group either am or pm every Tuesday at 706 central avenue and find out for yourself whether this is a true or false quiz!

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