The Mediterranean Lifestyle is the way to go!

There is a tremendous amount of research about the advantages of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. I share examples of it, and other articles, just about every day on the Millie Snyder’s Succeed Facebook page. Follow it and see what we’re talking about. One thing we read just recently was how superior the Mediterranean Lifestyle is to the “southern diet”. The REGARDS study researched people who already had coronary heart disease and compared them, based on the quality of the diet they followed after diagnosis. The Mediterranean Lifestyle had the lowest chance of recurring problems while the “southern diet” had the highest recurring heart disease and death over a seven-year period. Following the M

A Millie Snyder’s Succeed Success story!

Beth Rutledge was planning a trip but wasn’t sure she could handle the walking and activity that trip would require, so she decided to do something about it and take charge of her health. In April of 2017, Beth joined Millie Snyder’s Succeed program and began putting the Mediterranean Lifestyle to work for her. Over the years, Beth had tried various weight loss programs and they worked for her. For a while. But she knew every time she lost weight, she would go off the special program and the weight would come back. The idea of changing the way she ate all the time appealed to her. So did the idea of adopting a lifestyle that she could take wherever she went. Like on her trip. On her trip, th

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