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A Millie Snyder’s Succeed Success story!

Beth Rutledge was planning a trip but wasn’t sure she could handle the walking and activity that trip would require, so she decided to do something about it and take charge of her health.

In April of 2017, Beth joined Millie Snyder’s Succeed program and began putting the Mediterranean Lifestyle to work for her.

Over the years, Beth had tried various weight loss programs and they worked for her. For a while. But she knew every time she lost weight, she would go off the special program and the weight would come back.

The idea of changing the way she ate all the time appealed to her. So did the idea of adopting a lifestyle that she could take wherever she went. Like on her trip.

On her trip, the restaurants she ate in had appropriate food choices for her. In fact, she said had actually lost a little more weight at the end of the trip.

Since beginning the program with Millie, Beth has lost 40 pounds and she feels her weight loss has contributed to her ability to be more active, like agility training with her dogs and traveling.

“There isn’t any prohibition on any foods. You just eat real foods and cut out the processed foods,” she said. She said she ends up shopping more often, and it takes longer because she spends more time comparing the ingredients.

“Millie gives us recipes. I have a big notebook full of them. I use some of them and not others, but that is the best part of it. I have food choices about what to eat.”

Beth also indicated that she liked the support group of the meetings and the accountability that gave her. She uses a food diary to keep track of what she eats. There are days she eats something that she shouldn’t, but she knows the next day she’ll get right back on track.

“I feel better and I move better,” she explained.

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