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The Mediterranean Lifestyle was recently selected as the #1 way to lose weight and improve your health. There is so much information online and in books about the Mediterranean Lifestyle, it is easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Others think they can just read a few articles or pick up a book and learn everything they need to know. For some people, that may be true. For others, it is a sure way to lose your way after a week or two and then return to your old, bad eating habits. A note directly from Millie. Millie Snyder’s Succeed program is a bridge to following the Mediterranean Lifestyle and learning what to do when you begin to lose your way. Millie Snyder has more than 40 years’ experien

Live better with the Mediterranean Lifestyle!

Since embarking on The Mediterranean Lifestyle my health has strengthened as I continue to get older. The maintenance medications I take have remained the very same while two have been eliminated. After “dieting” for more than half my life and now having experienced a more complete understanding of healthy eating through Mediterranean thinking and choices “dieting” is no longer my mental state. Calling it eating smart or clean is OK, but once you truly learn this concept you will be as secure and amazed as I am. The Pyramid for Mediterranean living includes everything we love and need for taste, satisfaction and simply loving what we’re doing. In the groups I conduct every Tuesday 9:30am and

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